United for the children of Ukraine

United for the children of Ukraine

United for the children of Ukraine

Because we know all too well what it means to lose a loved one, we, at Lifesaving Parents, were present from the first moment of the outbreak of the armed conflict in Ukraine, being at the forefront of managing the refugee situation.
At the moment, the biggest problem is the flow of refugees who have to leave the border area and reach either accommodation or other destinations in Romania, Western Europe or their countries of origin: Central Asia, India, Africa etc.

Food and hygiene needs are fully covered.

The needs we can no longer cope with alone are those of transport.
There are partial solutions solved by the state authorities, by providing CFR wagons, free of charge, but most of them need to reach countries like Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, where we do not have fast rail connections.
We have carriers willing to provide transportation without any benefit, but only with our insurance of fuel costs, drivers and tolls.
The daily transport requirement is 4-6 bus transports to other European countries, and 2-4 to Bucharest and Cluj-Napoca.
The daily payments made by us were 5-6000 EUR. All these sums have so far been paid from own resources.
We also need 8 + 1 minibuses for shorter transport. We would need about 10 pieces at this time.
We can provide volunteer drivers, but we can no longer afford fuel costs.

We desperately ask for your support in our fight to get as many people alive as possible out of the hell of war, which for us here is a stone’s throw away, across the Tisza River.

❓ How can we help children in Ukraine?

NO COMMISSION donation with VISA/MASTERCARD, filling in the donation form (on the tablet or mobile phone the online form is at the end of this text)
(You can donate directly to the site in RON, EUR, USD or GBP by selecting the currency from the appropriate field in the online donation form)

✅ by transfer or cash deposit to CEC BANK in the accounts:
RO90 CECE MM 25 C1 EUR 0680 876 – euro account
RO43 CECE B0 00 B8 USD 0919 865 – USD account
BIC code (Swift) CECEROBU Account holder: Asociatia pentru Educatie si Caritate – Fiscal Code 9373178 – with the mention CHILDREN UKRAINE

ATTENTION: when filling in the account on the phone or computer, there will be no spaces between numbers. Here we put spaces so that it can be read more easily. Also, in the Euro account, inside the account you will find EUR followed by zero, six, eight… Some people confuse and write EURO, and the payment gets cancelled.

✅ by REVOLUT: using the number +40748189854, with the mention CHILDREN UKRAINE

✅ by PAYPAL using the email address: ukraine@parintisalvatori.ro with the mention CHILDREN UKRAINE

ℹ Any questions and further information can be obtained by phone or whatsapp: +40749936688 or by email: ukraine@parintisalvatori.ro

❤ Thank you in advance!